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Experienced coordinators, translators, checkers, and proofreaders all work together at Interact through many processes that involve everything from related information, terminology searches, and a thorough check of the translated work. We do this all in an effort to produce more complete work with a focus on the best expressions possible.


In terms of new therapies, new drug development, or the studies that ensue, translation is very important in the healthcare industry, an industry that is continuously changing on a daily and global basis.
Boasting a clientele that includes leading pharmaceutical companies and market research companies, we provide high quality translations with prompt efficiency within various stages of market research.

Main clients
Leading market research companies, leading pharmaceutical companies, Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA), etc.


Manufacturing/engineering is another rapidly advancing area. One may see a demand for different expressions and terminology across different fields or even in the same field across different companies.
In order to meet these detailed needs, we always strive to work with our clients (e.g., in the creation of glossaries) to maximize the experience and expertise we have accumulated over the years to provide translations that will surpass their expectations.

Main clients
Daikin Industries, Ltd., etc.

Business related

We provide easy-to-understand translations quickly for various purposes from contracts to business letters to corporate brochures, and even legal materials.

University/Self-governing body related

We provide translations that have strong appeal throughout the world in the form of university, public institution, and government websites, brochures, and the like.

Languages translated

We’re not only able to provide translation services in English, Chinese, and Korean, but also various Asian and European languages. And, for those languages that are difficult to translate from Japanese, we use a special method by which the translation is initially done into English and subsequently sent to our U.S. office for translation into the respective language.

Chinese (simplified/traditional), Korean, Thai, Vietnamese, Indonesian
English (U.K.), French, German, Spanish, Russian, Portuguese
North America
Latin America
Spanish (Mexican), Portuguese (Brazil)