Be it between countries, companies, or people,
international relations ultimately come down to an accumulation of communication

Our mission is to make this communication more accurate and easier to understand.

Interact Japan aims to professionally engage in work between different cultures employing all of our senses.

Message from the President

Our motto is to compete with quality

Welcome to the Interact Japan website. We engage in translation, interpreting, and congress organizing. Last year we celebrated our 30th year in business, and over that period of time we have experienced internationalization in various forms.

For example, when the term “internationalization” was born, Interact Japan was in its infancy and specifically focused on translations to introduce self-governing bodies and companies overseas. Once into the economic bubble, we began organizing large-scale conferences/congresses, subsequently followed by work as a consultant all over the world alongside Japanese companies starting to expand into overseas markets.Now, we have come to an age in which we fully utilize the Internet to effectively work around the world from the confines of a computer. For example, we may receive an order from New York, have it translated in London, edited in Arizona, and the layout done in Sydney.

In recent years, we have also developed WEBLISH®, an English learning tool. Over the past 10 years, we have developed the global news topics we disseminate daily via the Internet/cell phones into a bona fide learning tool. Users can freely access WEBLISH® anytime and anywhere to learn English. In addition, the ubiquitous learning environment it represents allows many students and businesspersons to challenge themselves and strengthen their English abilities.

While what we do has diversified, there is one thing that has never changed and that is our stance to compete with quality. Translation and interpreting work is completed via a number of processes, and we at Interact place great importance on never letting our guard down as artisans. We pledge to carry on in the same way over the next 10 years as well.

If there is anything you feel we can do for you, please do not hesitate to contact us. We hope we can serve in your own efforts toward internationalization.


Kumiko Obino, President
Head Office
Hotel Osaka Castle 4F, 1-1 Tenmabashi Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0032
Phone: (+81) 6-6941-7672 Fax: (+81) 6-6941-7673
U.S. Office
2116 East Manhatton Drive, Tempe, AZ 85282 USA
Services provided
– Translation/interpreting, international conference/congress organizing
– Development of English learning materials
Main clients
【Public institutions】
Self-governing bodies (e.g., Osaka University), etc.

Daikin Industries, Ltd., leading pharmaceutical companies,
Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturers of America (PhRMA),
Otemon Gakuin University, Takasaki City University of Economics, etc.
10 million yen
Main bank
Resona Bank, Ltd. (Kitahama Branch)
Date of establishment
December 25, 1985

 Hotel Osaka Castle 4F, 1-1 Tenmabashi Kyomachi, Chuo-ku, Osaka 540-0032
 Phone: (+81) 6-6941-7672 Fax: (+81) 6-6941-7673

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 Take the #2 exit.
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•The hotel entrance is on the Okawa (river) side. Take the elevator to the 4th floor.